Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Week of School

I have survived my first week of school with just a cold! Yuck. Josh started feeling bad Sunday afternoon and by Wednesday I had caught his "funk." Needless to say there are ton of Kleenexes around the Fryer house.

Besides the sickness, the first week of school was overwhelming good. I didn't realize how exhausting 13 boys could be. By the time I get home in the afternoons, it's all I can do to cook dinner. I've been asleep by 9:00 all this week. The first day of school we didn't have an enrichments (PE, Spanish, etc) so we had the kids all day ourselves. I was going BANANAS by 2:55 Tuesday afternoon. My patience will definitely be tested this year. I also feel like there are going to be lots of laughs too! I will be sure to post all of them here!

Are you guys ready for football as much as I am?!?! I can hardly wait for College GameDay on ESPN and watching football ALL DAY Saturday!

Until next time!

Meagan ~

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My first Currently & Back to School!

I'm excited! This is my first Currently! Head on over the here to try it out yourself!

This is my last week of freedom! I start school next week :(  I've been working hard in my classroom. If you look in my classroom right now it doesn't look like I've done anything, but I promise I have! I'll post pictures of my room when it's complete.

Oh and I need to mention that this year I have ALL BOYS!!! Yes you heard that right ALL BOYS!! I'm a little nervous about this, but it's only for homerooms. I'm sure I will have lots and lots of stories to share about my adventures in an all boy classroom. I've already had to go out and buy a new Class Pet because I felt the cute little frog I bought wasn't boy friendly.

Until next time!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunshine Award

A Big thanks go to Kathleen's Korner for nominating me for this award!! I always like be associated with sunshine! 

Here's how this award works.
1. First, {and foremost} thank the person who honored you with this award. Thank you Kathleen!!
2. Answer the questions below about yourself.   (Below)
3. Pay it forward and nominate 10 fellow bloggers who inspire you. Be sure to let them know you are nominating them. Link up their blogs to yours. (Below)
4. Be sure to copy the award and share it on your blog.

Ok here we go!!

1. Favorite color: I don't really have one favorite color. However if you look in my closet I wear a lot of green, black, & coral, so I guess subconsciously those are my favorite colors :)

2. Favorite Animal: My favorite animals have to be my 2 little pooches: Shadow & Bouncer

3. Favorite Number: When I was younger and played sports I was always number 14.
4. Favorite Drink: I drink water 95% of the time, but I do love a glass of sweet tea & chocolate milk!
5. Facebook or Twitter: I have both, but I prefer Facebook. I'm not that savvy with Twitter.
6.  Good book or Movie: I love books that turn into movies. I always have to read the book before and I usually prefer the book over the movie!
7.  My Passion: I love my family, my faith, and my job. I know all of these can get tough at times, but I wouldn't want to be without any of them.
8. Giving or Getting gifts? I love to give, but it's also nice to get sometimes ;)
9.  Favorite Day of the Week? I love Saturdays, especially football Saturdays! Roll Tide Roll!
10. Favorite Flower?  Gerber Daisies are my absolute favorite!

Okay nominate some blogs that inspire you!
1. Feels Like Home to Me

Meagan ~

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do you happen to have the time?

In 3-8 business days I will! I've been wanting a new watch since my last watch was stolen err I mean lost (when you leave your watch laying in a public place and you go back and its gone I don't claim it was stolen I call it me losing it). I love Michael Kors' watches but I just couldn't being myself to pay a lot of money for a watch that might get lost again. However as I was doing my morning check of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest I found a pin of a watch that I thought looked like me. Being curious I clicked the link to see how expensive the watch was and you know what I found? That it was on sale!!!!!!! Yes, Nordstrom is having their Anniversary sale and this particular watch was included in their sale. I was soo excited, so being the sweet wife I am I called my husband to make sure he didn't mind I purchase this watch. And being the AWESOME husband that he is, told me if that was what I wanted then I could have it...SCORE! So in a couple of days I will be wearing my new, lovely, ON SALE Michael Kors watch!! I promise not to lose this one, I will guard it with my life!!!

Are you an impulse buyer, or are you like me and mull over an item for awhile before you buy it?

Have a great day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

I've had my blogg for a bout a year, but I'm not a serious blogger by any means. It's hard to come up with a clever blogg title. I see all this great bloggs and thnk, "Why didn't I think of that!?!?" Oh Well!
I found this on Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons. Enjoy!

1. See this cutie right there? No not the one on the right :), the one on the left! That's my hubby Josh. We've been married a little over 3 years. We are both from the same hometown, had mutual friends, but didn't meet each other until we were in college. When we first met I thought he was shy and quiet, but I was wrong! He makes me laugh everyday, almost to tears! We have the best time anywhere we go; be it the grocery store or Barnes & Noble we can have fun.

2. I'm a HUGE BAMA fan! My husband's company has a box at Bryant-Denny so we get to the Tide play a few games a season from the box. I love being inside there when it's 100 degrees or 50 degrees out. Also the food is AMAZING!

3. Also did I mention my hasband's an avid Auburn fan?!?! He went to Auburn, but works for a company that have a box and are obbsessed with all thing Alabama.Yeah we have a house divided. He's a good sport and the only time we have to be separated is during the Iron Bowl. :)


4. Friends and family are so important to me, and I am lucky to say that my best friends are the ones I've had since childhood. Although we all don't live in the same town, we always have a good time when we get together.

5. I love to travel! If I could go somewhere every week, I would! Since I'm a teacher and get summers off I get the itch to go and experience something new!
"The House that Jerry built."- Dallas Cowboy Stadium

The Stockyards- Ft. Worth, TX.

Antigua- My Hneymoon :)

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Friday, July 13, 2012


No you aren't imagining things, I did change the name and layout of my blog! I just wanted something different! So look for some fun, different posts throughout the week, like "Teaching Tuesdays," and some others!

I have a busy week coming up. I am going to Memphis, TN for the first time! However, it's for business not pleasure. I'm going to the Lausanne Laptop Institute. It's a technology conference that I'm attending with 4 other teachers from my school. We're staying in the Peabody Hotel, and yes that's the hotel where the ducks stay. I hope to eat some Memphis BBQ, visit Beale St., catch the ducks swimming in the hotel, and get a tiny glimpse of Graceland. I'm only going to be there 2 days, but a girl can dream! Once I return it's back to the classroom to get it ready for my new kiddos. I can't believe that summer break is half way over! It's been a busy summer!

I look forward to sharing some of the things I did and saw while in Memphis. Until then!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teaching Tuesdays

As many of you know I teach 2nd grade and I started thinking that I should have a post every Tuesday about things I'm doing to get ready for school, cool ideas I've found, funny stories during the year, and cool activities during the school year!

I have about a month before I start back to school, but I'm constantly on the look out for things to use/put in my classroom. Pinterest has been a really big help. I'm so thankful that there are so many teachers out there who have great ideas and are willing to share them! I'm also a thrift store freak. I go at least twice a month. I look for gently used books, nic-nacs, and things I can use to make crafts. You have be patient, but I usually find some good deals. So look forward to my "Teaching Tuesdays" posts coming up!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I spent mine at the beach. We took our annual Fryer Family beach trip; which consist of Josh and myself along with Shadow and Bouncer. Josh doesn't get a lot of vacation time (that could be a post in itself), so it's nice spending a week together doing nothing. That's pretty much what we did; we ate, we sunbathed, we napped, we caught up on some reading, Nothing too exciting. I did notice one thing; when you go on vacation and it's just the two of you, you seem to take little, if any pictures. So here are the few pictures I took on our trip.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

Remember that movie? "Before I put on my make-up, I say a little prayer for you! Forever, Forever you'll stay in my heart...." OK music montage over. Anyway, my best friend Amanda, who was also in my wedding (see below) got married! 

Getting her hair did for my wedding (she's going to kill me).
The wedding weekend started Friday with the bridesmaid luncheon. We had a wonderful, laid back lunch at a local resturaunt, Girlfriends. Amanda gave each of us the signature wedding flip-flops made by Aunt Becky and Beverly and a button-down shirt with our initials on them. 
Allie, the flower girl & entertainer, and I at the Bridesmaid Luncheon

The bride and I

The crew with their Bridesmaid's gifts
After having lunch we went to get our toes and nails done for the BIG day. I guess I should tell my funny/embarassing story that happend to me while we were there. I was sitting in one of the pedicure chairs talking to my friend Kaley while her toes dried. As we were talking we noticed that the chair next to mine was overflowing with water. As Kaley tried to get the attention of the girl getting her toes done I got up from my chair and totally missed the step down from the platform where the chairs sit. As I wave my arms in the hair I manage to grab the chairs that the people sit in while giving the pedicures. However I did not realize until I grabbed it that it had wheels on them. So you know what happens next; the chair rolls as do I. I feel flat on my face! Everyone in the place died laughing! Thank goodness most of the people in the place were with us and that I only have a few brusies on my knees and arms from my fall. Did I mention I am kind of a clutz?

After all our toes are pink and my face was no longer red from embarrassement we got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Katie, Darrell, Josh, and I at the Rehearsal Dinner

Heath and Amanda listening to his dad's speech.
After hours of getting beautiful and taking lots of pictures Amanda and Heath's time had come. It was a beautiful ceremony and I was so happy to be apart of their special day. I wish them nothing but luck in their marriage. Being married is a wonderful thing because you always have your best friend by your side.

We looked good! :)

The Bride and I.

My handsome hubby and I.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CMA Fest 2012

We're back! We had an amazing, hot, awesome, memory filled, no injuries, great time! Yes it was extremely hot, but I made sure to stay hydrated at all times. I think I drank about 10 gallons of water during our trip! I also think I walked about 10 miles while in Nashville. But it was all worth it!

Here's how our days were spent. Concerts started around 10:00 in the morning, however with a group of 10 we never got there before 11:30. There were several stages around downtown Nashville, but we mostly stayed at the Riverfront Stage (below).

Each concert lasted about 30 minutes so we got to see a lot of artists during the day. Most of the artists that played during the day were just starting out (Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann, David Nail, Glorianna, etc.), or were big at one time (Jo Dee Messena, Sawyer Brown, Neil McCoy). These concerts were great because they played their most popular songs and then maybe 1 or 2 songs I didn't know. They also did cover songs or songs from other artists they helped write. For example Lee Brice wrote Crazy Girl, but the Eli Young Band are the ones with the song out. The only complaint was the heat! It was soo toasty out, but I had expected that and dressed accordingly. I also had to make sure that I wore tube tops because my best friend gets married this weekend and I couldn't have any tan lines!

At night, concerts were held at LP Field (where the Tenn. Titans play). These usually started around 7:00, but again with 10 people trying to get ready and out the door we usually didn't arrive until 8-ish. Which this was OK because we didn't really want to see the first act each night; let's just say we weren't old enough to enjoy those artists. I think I stood the entire night. I also think I sang and danced the whole time too. I love music and I love concerts, so I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

I recommend CMA Fest to anyone who likes Country Music. You get to see popular artists and also artists that are just starting out. I hope to return next year.

Stay tuned because my best friend gets married this weekend. Yayyayaya!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road Trip!

Tomorrow the Fryers will make the trip to the home of Country Music... Nashville, TN! We will be attending CMA Music Fest. Go here and check it out. I love music festivals, so I jumped at the chance to go. It's going to be H-O-T (and I don't mean all the country music stars we are going to see)! I will make sure to give you all a wrap up of our week when we return!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mud Mania

So back in October I started this work out group with some of the ladies I teach with. We meet about 4 days a week and our "trainer" (I say this lightly because he may look intimidating, but he's the nicest guy you'll meet) is a former Alabama football player that now coaches at our school. I have definitely noticed a difference since starting; I'm stronger, my endurance has changed, I sleep better and just all around healthier. Now I'm not saying I'm an extreme health freak because I am a Southern Lady and I love me some food, but I am eating more fruit and veggies.

Anyway a couple of months ago a friend of mine told me about this race that was happening in Auburn called Mud Mania. It's like an obstacle course/ 5K. So one night at workouts I mentioned it to one of the girls in my group and she was all pumped about signing up. So after talking to the other girls we decided we would train and check it off our Bucket Lists. We trained for a couple of months working on our arm strength, running massive hills, and other out of control workouts.

The last weekend in March was the race, so we all piled in a 15 passenger van with our neon pink t-shirts (thanks to a lovely friend whose husbands has a t-shirt business) and bandannas and headed for Auburn. We didn't really know what to expect, we had read the description of the each obstacle on the website, but I had to see it with my own two eyes to fully understand what I had gotten myself into. The day before the race it had come a huge rain storm so everything was nice and muddy for us. We checked in and "fellowshipped" before the race started. There were a couple people that had gotten injured in races before ours which made us a little nervous. They even had to close one of the obstacles down because people kept getting hurt...yikes!

So the time came for our race and boy were we pumped! The first obstacle was to run through a pond (that by the way is in the middle of a cow pasture) filled with Lord knows, but we trucked through laughing the whole time. I think that was the theme of the whole run, laughter, because we did A LOT of that! The mud was horrible! It was so bad that there was no way you could run; it was so slippery that you would start to run and you would bust it! There was one point where you had to run against the current of a small creek. However because of the rain the night before this creek was more like a rapid! I was so thankful for those awful leg workouts we were pushed to do.

I completed the race with all my limbs and none of them hurt. I had a great time and I even got a medal for completing it. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good laugh and a good time. Below are some pictures from the race!

 Just trying to survive!
 My only injury-the bruise this guy's knee gave me coming down the slip-n-slide!
 The youngins' before the race!
 We weren't so clean afterwards, but we still looked cute!
 Enjoying the van ride to Auburn; getting our hair braided and telling stories!
The lovely ladies in the back of the bus!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guess Who's Back? Back Again!

Yes it's true I'm making a comeback (for the 3rd, or maybe 4th time) in the blogging world! Blogging is tough stuff when you're as busy as Josh and I. There has been a lot of funny school stories, traveling, McAbee softball games, attempts at being crafty, and other shenanigans!

My goal this summer is to become a better blogger, housekeeper, crafter, organized teacher, and chef! I hope I can semi-accomplish this list....we'll see!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Colt!

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog again, but I've been super busy. I know you are all dying to know how my lovely Chinese student is doing. Well we are making progress. Our teaching assistant has taken him under her wing. He still calls us "teacher," but we found out that in China they address their teacher with their first name followed by "teacher." So we're used to it now. He is so funny and you can't help but laugh at some of the things he does and says. He tells me everyday if the lunch we are having is "China's food." Then he tells us thank you at the end of every school day. I catch myself always looking for him and starting panic when I do not see him right away. Let's just say he keeps us 2nd grade teachers on our toes.

So back to the title of my post, last weekend Josh and I went to Phenix City to celebrate Colt's first birthday. If you don't know Katie and I have been friends all our lives. Our mothers were friends, our fathers were friends, so of course our children will be friends. I am still amazed that we are at an age now that we are having our own children's birthdays!!! Christmas was the last time we were in town, so it was good to catch up with friends! I look forward to many more of these birthday parties. We're all grown up now!!!

The Russell's trying to get Colt to dig into his cake.

The birthday boy with his cake. Such a cutie!!

Did I mention it was Katie's birthday too. Happy Birthday Katie and Colt!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to America!

Oh the joys of being a school teacher. The school I teach at has a partnership with the Mercedes Benz plant in nearby Vance, AL. Because of this we get a lot of German families that come over to work for Mercedes and their children attend TA. These children are for the most part sweet, polite, smart children. There are a few that have a special place in my heart. They are so happy to be here in America that they want to learn and do and visit America as much as possible. The families go on the best vacations and have great stories and photographs from their trips. Oh did I mention they love to give their teachers German Chocolate?!?! It is delicious!

However this post is not about my sweet little Von Trap German students. No, in fact this is a story about our new Chinese student. Yes, Chinese. There is a small group of families that have come to America for work reasons and their children are attending TA for the time they are here. When the students come to America they are given an "American" name. It is interesting how they come up with these names. I think they pick names that apply to their personalities. Anyway our student arrived on Monday and he was quite....for about the first 10 minutes. He has one tone when he talks.....VERY LOUD. Yes I know what you are saying, "Meagan you are VERY LOUD!" No it is worse. He does not know any of our names, so we are addressed as "TEACHER! TEACHER!" "TEACHER TEACHER I NEED WATER." "TEACHER TEACHER YOU MUST TELL ME THE WORDS! I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!" All day long it is like this. At first yes you chuckle because I know this is probably stressful for him to be in a strange country, not knowing anyone or anything. However after you have heard that from 7:45 to 3:00 it starts to drive you a little bananas. And speaking of bananas he cannot sit still at lunch. He just gets up walks around and sits, talks, eats, where and what he wants. The first day he got behind the serving line at school and tried to serve himself before the lunch lady could. Because in his country he serves himself at lunch time. Today he wanted to eat off the teacher's salad bar. So what did he do? He walked his little self over there and started to serve himself. "TEACHER TEACHER I DON'T UNDERSTAND I WANT TO EAT THIS." It is hard to enjoy your lunch when he is getting up every 3 minutes. However the whole time I am secretly laughing at how funny we look running around a lunch room chasing a little kid.

I have to keep telling myself, "He is new, in a foreign place. He'll get the hang of it." I say this SEVERAL times a day. So when you say your prayers tonight please say a prayer for the 2nd grade teachers at Tuscaloosa Academy. Pray for patience and that we can get him to learn our names instead of "TEACHER! TEACHER!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Sleep More Than Anyone I Have Ever Met!

Those are the words that came out of my husband's mouth this afternoon. Yes, I do enjoy my sleep. However, this past week I haven't gotten much of it. I was put on some new allergy medicine that has screwed up my eating and sleeping habits. I'm thinking my body just needs to adjust. Hopefully this week I will be back to my normal eating and sleeping habits!

The Fryers are settling back in to our routines. This will be my first full week of school since before Christmas! Ahhh will I survive?!?! I think I will manage!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fryers + Skiing= Not Good!

Hello there friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Championship as much as I am! I don't think I sat down the entire game! Some people say it was a boring game (non Alabama fans), but I think it was a GREAT game! 14 is my favorite number! :)

Anyway Thursday Josh and I left for Maggie Valley, North Carolina for a family vacation with my mom, step-dad, step brother, Morgan, and Jason. The ride was long and kind of spooky, like Deliverance spooky. There is nothing but fields for miles and miles! After a couple of hours we came to the Ocoee. During the summer this placed is packed with people White Water Rafting. However, when it's 14 degrees the place is a ghostown. As we drove along the Ocoee I took pictures of the beautiful landscape.

We arrived in Maggie Valley after 6 and half hours in the car, getting lost, and being flicked off by a lovely North Carolinian. The house had a beautiful view.

Sunset view from the front porch of our cabin. Isn't God awesome!

Friday morning the family got up and got ready to head toward the slopes. It was a balmy 14 degrees and the resort was blowing "man made" snow everywhere. I am not a good skier, in fact I hate it. I am a beach bunny, not a ski bunny. You need no skill to be at the beach, however skiing is a different story. I couldn't make it to the bunny slope without falling! Argh! I told Josh to leave me with the other 9 year olds and go and ski where he wanted to. After 2 hours and 200 falls later I was still trying to conquer the bunny slope. Besides being sore I was soaking wet from the man made snow that was being pumped in everyone's faces.

You probably can't tell, but my hair is soaking wet and Josh's hoodie is frozen!

So after Josh begged me for an hour to please try going down the beginners slope I caved and told him I would, but not to get frustrated with me. Well guess what? I fell coming off the ski lift, major sign this wasn't going to go well. After skiing/falling down half the slope I threw my ski poles down and decided I was done! Josh's fingers were blue and he was frustrated as well. So he decided he was done also. I told him to go ahead and ski down the slope and I would walk the rest of the way down. Yes I walked down the slope with my poles in one hand and my skis in the other! Right then and there Josh and I decided that the Fryers are NOT ski people! We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to thaw out and enjoying hot coca!

Besides not mastering skiing Josh and I had a great time with my family. We are a little loud and silly. There were many laughs and lots of stories that we will tell for years to come. Let's just say the next family trip will be somewhere warmer! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Roll TIde Roll!

Hello Friends!

Are you getting ready for the BIG game? I am! I even have Monday and Tuesday off for it. One of the benefits of teaching at a private school in a college town...a lot of the teachers and families will be at the game so we get the days off. Sadly, I could not make the trip to New Orleans, WAY WAY too expensive....maybe next time (and there will be a next time). I will be watching the game in the comfort of my living room being as loud as I want to be. Win or lose I'm proud to be a Bama fan. My only wish is that my dad could have been alive to see the game in 2009 and the game Monday. He would have been there I know it. But I know come Monday night he'll be up there in heaven with The Bear watching it. Roll Tide Roll!

Where will you be watching the game? Are you pulling for the good guys (Bama) or the bad guys (LSWho)?