Thursday, August 27, 2009

I survived!

I survived my first day at the elementary school! I am very overwhelmed at the moment!! Teachers have all summer to plan for the school year and I'm having to do it as I go! I just hope that when the teacher does come back I haven't totally ruined the way she does things, because I have no basis to go by! Today I had the former sub in there with me kind of showing me the ropes, but tomorrow I am all alone. So please pray for me!

My mom informed me that I had quiet a few grammatical errors in my last blog, so I apologize for that. I type so fast that I don't pay attention to what I'm saying. So forgive me I will try my best to speak correctly.

As we speak my sweet husband is downstairs helping me get organized! He's such a doll! Until next time "God is Love Rev. Run :)"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh By The Way...We're Famous!!

JE Jedges Photgraphy took the pictures at our wedding. They have just came out with a new video advertising OakHurst Farms where we got married, and Josh and I are in their video!! Yay! So I tell everyone we're famous! The link's below just scroll down to where it says Oakhurst Farms-Through the Eyes of JE Hedges and press play!

Trying this blog thing out...

So I thought this would be a good way for family and friends to keep up with what is going on with Josh and I here in Tuscaloosa. And deep down inside I'm one of those nerdy compter people who like to be a part of the "cool" thing to do.

Josh and I are enjoying living in Tuscaloosa. The drive to and from Birmingham everyday took a toll on Josh so we had to move here quick. Josh jokes that "my dreams have finally came true because I am living in 'God's Country!'" It is nice being here and seeing the football stadium everyday, and just knowing that I will be right in the middle of things once the season starts. However, (now what I am about to say may shock you, but it has to be said) there are quite a few...rednecks living around here. A friend told us that all the "classy" Bama fans live out of town and drive in for the games. Now I'm a bama fan so I can say this with no problem, and Josh loves hearing me say it, but they are everywhere! And for you Auburn fans, there in Auburn too! Don't act like in Auburn everyone there is classy, because they aren't! One thing I do miss about B'ham is the malls! I was 5 minutes from The Summit and 10 from The Galleria, so that's something we've...I mean I've had to get used to.

Job wise, Josh enjoys his job very much and it sounds like he's really good at it. I've heard many people say he's a good, hard worker. I hope that quality trickles down to our children. Josh has started going out of town some days for work (i.e. playing in golf tournaments for the company) so I get a little lonely when it's just me and the pooches. They keep me safe! Speaking of pooches, below is a picture of Bouncer. He likes to look out the window and look for Josh to come home in the afternoons. As for me I am keeping busy substituting for Tuscaloosa County. I found out yesturday that I will be taking a "long-term sub" for a teacher out on medical leave. So I will kind of have some stability for awhile (instead of being the new teacher at a different school everyday). I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher and as a person during this time. Patience is key when dealing with students. Sometimes we forget as adults that children don't know as much as we do, and we need to take the time to show and explain something to them. I have also realized that there are a lot of parents who don't spend enough time with their children and it effects them in so many ways. Therefore, I will make sure that when Josh and I do have children we will spend more than enough time with them!

I hope to keep this blog up to date, so be patient with me!