Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Unknown Fryer

Some of you may know, while others may not, but there is a Fryer that isn't as popular as Shadow & Bouncer. His name is Mr. T, and he is a red ear Slider turtle. Ok here's the back story of Mr. T: Last Memorial Day Weekend while we were in Florida I decided I wanted a "class pet." So as we were leaving we stopped in one of those Souvenir shops and I spotted this turtle tank. For $10 you got a turtle and a jar of food. As we were getting our turtle I asked the sales girl how long do they usually live. Sadly only a month or two I was told. So I assumed that my turtle wouldn't make it through the summer. Lo and behold it has been almost a year and he is still kicking!! When I first got him he fit in the palm of my hand. Now he is about the size of my whole hand!!! I wish I had taken a picture of him when I first got him to show his growth, but I didn't think he would live as long as he has.

This is turtle today! We have a love/hate relationship, see how his head is has gone back into it's shell. He never wants to play!! :(

This is turtle's home. He only sits on the floating rock when he thinks no one is around. As soon as someone walks into the kitchen he slides off (I told you, love/hate relationship).


My husband informed me that I should have said "No Hitter" instead of "shut Out." I apologize to all of you avid baseball fans!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

This weekend Josh and I made a trip to "Hotlanta" to spend some time with friends. Our first stop: Dave & Busters!! You will never guess what happened, the first game I played I hit the Jackpot and won myself 1,000 tickets! Yes on my first try, can you say AWESOME!! (Picture of with my winnings below)

After acting like little children at Dave & Busters we made our way to the Braves game. If you don't know Josh is a HUGE Braves fan (I spend many nights watching the games).

Sadly, the Braves lost! :( However on the bright side we did witness a shut-out!! So I can scratch that off my "Bucket List." Josh wasn't as happy about the shut-out!

We had a great time with friends we don't get to see often.