Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Week of School

I have survived my first week of school with just a cold! Yuck. Josh started feeling bad Sunday afternoon and by Wednesday I had caught his "funk." Needless to say there are ton of Kleenexes around the Fryer house.

Besides the sickness, the first week of school was overwhelming good. I didn't realize how exhausting 13 boys could be. By the time I get home in the afternoons, it's all I can do to cook dinner. I've been asleep by 9:00 all this week. The first day of school we didn't have an enrichments (PE, Spanish, etc) so we had the kids all day ourselves. I was going BANANAS by 2:55 Tuesday afternoon. My patience will definitely be tested this year. I also feel like there are going to be lots of laughs too! I will be sure to post all of them here!

Are you guys ready for football as much as I am?!?! I can hardly wait for College GameDay on ESPN and watching football ALL DAY Saturday!

Until next time!

Meagan ~

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My first Currently & Back to School!

I'm excited! This is my first Currently! Head on over the here to try it out yourself!

This is my last week of freedom! I start school next week :(  I've been working hard in my classroom. If you look in my classroom right now it doesn't look like I've done anything, but I promise I have! I'll post pictures of my room when it's complete.

Oh and I need to mention that this year I have ALL BOYS!!! Yes you heard that right ALL BOYS!! I'm a little nervous about this, but it's only for homerooms. I'm sure I will have lots and lots of stories to share about my adventures in an all boy classroom. I've already had to go out and buy a new Class Pet because I felt the cute little frog I bought wasn't boy friendly.

Until next time!