Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Sleep More Than Anyone I Have Ever Met!

Those are the words that came out of my husband's mouth this afternoon. Yes, I do enjoy my sleep. However, this past week I haven't gotten much of it. I was put on some new allergy medicine that has screwed up my eating and sleeping habits. I'm thinking my body just needs to adjust. Hopefully this week I will be back to my normal eating and sleeping habits!

The Fryers are settling back in to our routines. This will be my first full week of school since before Christmas! Ahhh will I survive?!?! I think I will manage!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fryers + Skiing= Not Good!

Hello there friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Championship as much as I am! I don't think I sat down the entire game! Some people say it was a boring game (non Alabama fans), but I think it was a GREAT game! 14 is my favorite number! :)

Anyway Thursday Josh and I left for Maggie Valley, North Carolina for a family vacation with my mom, step-dad, step brother, Morgan, and Jason. The ride was long and kind of spooky, like Deliverance spooky. There is nothing but fields for miles and miles! After a couple of hours we came to the Ocoee. During the summer this placed is packed with people White Water Rafting. However, when it's 14 degrees the place is a ghostown. As we drove along the Ocoee I took pictures of the beautiful landscape.

We arrived in Maggie Valley after 6 and half hours in the car, getting lost, and being flicked off by a lovely North Carolinian. The house had a beautiful view.

Sunset view from the front porch of our cabin. Isn't God awesome!

Friday morning the family got up and got ready to head toward the slopes. It was a balmy 14 degrees and the resort was blowing "man made" snow everywhere. I am not a good skier, in fact I hate it. I am a beach bunny, not a ski bunny. You need no skill to be at the beach, however skiing is a different story. I couldn't make it to the bunny slope without falling! Argh! I told Josh to leave me with the other 9 year olds and go and ski where he wanted to. After 2 hours and 200 falls later I was still trying to conquer the bunny slope. Besides being sore I was soaking wet from the man made snow that was being pumped in everyone's faces.

You probably can't tell, but my hair is soaking wet and Josh's hoodie is frozen!

So after Josh begged me for an hour to please try going down the beginners slope I caved and told him I would, but not to get frustrated with me. Well guess what? I fell coming off the ski lift, major sign this wasn't going to go well. After skiing/falling down half the slope I threw my ski poles down and decided I was done! Josh's fingers were blue and he was frustrated as well. So he decided he was done also. I told him to go ahead and ski down the slope and I would walk the rest of the way down. Yes I walked down the slope with my poles in one hand and my skis in the other! Right then and there Josh and I decided that the Fryers are NOT ski people! We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to thaw out and enjoying hot coca!

Besides not mastering skiing Josh and I had a great time with my family. We are a little loud and silly. There were many laughs and lots of stories that we will tell for years to come. Let's just say the next family trip will be somewhere warmer! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Roll TIde Roll!

Hello Friends!

Are you getting ready for the BIG game? I am! I even have Monday and Tuesday off for it. One of the benefits of teaching at a private school in a college town...a lot of the teachers and families will be at the game so we get the days off. Sadly, I could not make the trip to New Orleans, WAY WAY too expensive....maybe next time (and there will be a next time). I will be watching the game in the comfort of my living room being as loud as I want to be. Win or lose I'm proud to be a Bama fan. My only wish is that my dad could have been alive to see the game in 2009 and the game Monday. He would have been there I know it. But I know come Monday night he'll be up there in heaven with The Bear watching it. Roll Tide Roll!

Where will you be watching the game? Are you pulling for the good guys (Bama) or the bad guys (LSWho)?

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve & Wife of the Year!

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. I spent my New Year's in Hotlanta at an Auburn game. Yes you heard right, at an AUBURN GAME (hince the Wife of the Year plug). Josh received the tickets as a Christmas gift from me. I figured if I couldn't go to the National Championship I could at least go to 1 bowl game. If you know me you know I CANNOT wear orange and blue, however I did sport blue and white. I felt this was a neutral color because both teams share the colors orange and blue. Being true to my team I did wear red socks and a red and white belt, so I wasn't a total traitor. We arrived in Atlanta and our first stop was The Varsity. You cannot go to Atlanta and NOT eat here.

If you have never been, go! I reccomend the chili dogs, french fries, and an Orange Dreamsicle. Ahhhh

We checked into our room and by now Josh is antsy and ready to go (See below).

This is his "quit taking pictures and get ready so we can go" face.

We headed down to the Georgia Dome so we could check out the FanFest. It was loud and organge and blue as far as the eye could see. I asked Josh did he want to hang around and watch Tiger Walk? Dumb question, OF COURSE HE DID! So we waited in line for 2 hours (another plugg for Wife of the Year) to witness the Tiger Walk. Of course when you are waiting around for something to start you begin to talk to people, and it was revealed that I was an Alabama fan. So of course I get the usual "Bammer" jokes and I smile and take it, knowing deep down that I will get the last laugh (Hee Hee).

Anyway Tiger walk FINALLY begins and as the team walks down the crowd of people start to push to get closer to the players. Well because we got there pretty early we were up front, and guess who I got crowd bumped into? None other than Bo Jackson. I didn't even realize who it was. He's a couple of pictures Josh took as I recorded the whole walk (plugg #3 for Wife of the Year)

Bo Jackson


I think Josh enjoyed the games especially since Auburn won, and I survived. Here's the only picture I got of Josh and me.

I look forward to what 2012 bring the Fryers. 2011 was a pretty good year, so I can't wait to see if 2012 can top it! Until next time....